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About Me - Adrian Basford, Holistic Therapist & Public Speaker

Portrait of Adrian Basford a Holistic Therapist and Access Health Therapy owner I am an experienced health practitioner with over 25 years of public service. I have been a member of Her Majesty's Forces and had a good and fulfilling career, I later worked in Front Line Ambulance throughout the UK before working as an Industry Paramedic in Remote Environments around the world, whilst continually studying mental and physiological topics.
I have always had respect for Holistic / Alternative therapies and following the diagnosis of a debilitating illness that was primarily caused by work-related stress; I began studying to find the answer that the mainstream medical community could not give me. What I found was that there was no drug that could eliminate my symptoms. I say the symptoms because the diagnosed Disease was just that. A symptom... Stress and the lack of stress management were my Disease, and the debilitating symptoms that I was experiencing was a collection of problems resulting in a skin condition that prevented me from working. I had been prescribed a drug to limit and control the effect. This was very expensive and not a nice drug that I took every day for over seven years. I stopped taking the medication when I realised that my Work, Diet, and Lifestyle contributed to the Disease. The combined stressors all conspired against me, and the Drug had only masked the symptoms. Now I work with clients to identify the cause of the symptoms and then help them to address the offending event/s.

I work in various locations including a purpose-built Therapy Room, next to Cannock Chase Forest, an area of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of England. I lecture workshops and deliver courses in Stress Management and Meditation Techniques and thoroughly love my life.
As a veteran that has battled through my own illnesses, I support all uniformed services and work alongside different organisations to help those within the community to achieve health. At present, I am the Chairman and founding member of a Veterans Angling Club utilising the outside activity to engage and stimulate a healthy and supportive community whilst being physically active. Another project includes working alongside a Registered Charity called "Help A Squaddie", this is in a support and therapist role if and when the need arises.